VfB Andacht

A 3D version of the VfB Andacht logo.

VfB Andacht, officially known as Verein für Bewegungsspiele Andacht (Club for Motion Games Andacht) is a professional baseball team from Andacht, Snedig, Günsovölk. They are one of 5 founding member clubs of the Günsovölk Baseball-Bund in 1892.

The team was formed in 1892 by the local council as a way to promote healthy activities in local parks and recreation areas, although existed unofficially since 1890. After encouraging local baseball teams to share their best players to the club, politician and VfB Andacht President Adrian Burghardt entered the team into the newly founded Günsovölk Baseball-Bund to promote healthy competition.

The team entered all five iterations of the Baseball-Pokal from 1893 to 1897, reaching the semi-finals in both 1894 and 1895, losing to Druten Stadt SV 91 both times. They were one of 10 clubs to vote in favor of establishing the Baseball Meisterschaft which replaced the Baseball-Pokal from 1898 onwards.

The team stayed government-owned until 1898 when the Baseball Meisterschaft was formally voted in and the government agreed to privatize the club in the interests of fairness. Local business owners pooled their money together and bought the club which is still in place today with over 400 “owners”.

Die Delfine (The Dolphins) got their nickname from the Dolphins who frequent Grübchen Bay which can be seen from the left field stands of the unfortunately named Moorteich Park (Bog Pond Park). The team chose the site due to the lack of suitable locations to build a ballpark which is still evident today with a small capacity by normal standards.

The clubs official colors are light blue, white and orange.

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