Hello, Hegh, Syar, Hallo, and Bonjour

Welcome to my blog/wiki about the Southern Union, a place for me to build a wiki of sorts fleshing out the eight fictional nations that make up the Southern Union.

I’ve always had an interest in maps, cartography, sport and Microsoft Excel, so I set about creating a world where I can simulate sports scores of fictional teams, based on fictional locations that I dreamt up and drew on a map.

Some of those greetings above are fictional languages, and whilst I’m not into conlang (constructed languages or fictional languages) they certainly help me to imagine these locales in greater detail.

If you have no idea what this is all about, please consider reading the two intro posts below; my first ever blog posts. I’ve subsequently written dozens and dozens of articles, fleshing out my world and suspending people’s belief that the countries do actually exist! I’ve had a few magazine articles written about me, including this one that featured on Wired.com, feel free to check it out.

If you want to dive in and read about the eights nations making up the Southern Union, you can do so by clicking on the links above in the menu. Alternatively, you can check out my latest articles by scrolling down, or look to the right and you’ll see two random articles that could get you going down the rabbit hole, or on the far right is the most recently updated articles of the Southern Union.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!

What is the Southern Union?

How did the Koana Islands come to be?

Something that I don’t think I’ve ever really discussed is how the the Islands came to be which is actually quite an interesting story, albeit one where most proof has been lost through time. I’ve really enjoyed going down the rabbit-hole and looking back at old forums, message boards and e-mails to get exact dates…

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Latest Wiki Articles

Novainsula Travel Guide

Novainsula (pronounced No-vain-shula), officially known as the Republic of Novainsula, is a sovereign country situated in the South Indian Ocean. It occupies the eastern tip of Plancius Island, which is part of the Islands of Duifje archipelago. The country shares its land borders with its neighbor Zuidgelders and has maritime…

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