Baseball Competitions

Continental Competitions

Southern Union

Centaurus Cup – Also known as the Southern Union Internationals, is contested by the senior men’s national teams of the eight nations of the Southern Union. Beginning in the 1906 season, it is the oldest international baseball tournament in the world. The championship is awarded every 5 years except in 1941 when it was not held because of the Second World War.

Domestic Competitions


Albaland Baseball League – The highest level of baseball in the country and the only level where all teams are professional. Unlike other professional and semi-professional leagues within the Southern Union, teams in the Albaland Baseball League have always played 60 game schedules, (twice at home and twice away) against all opponents compared to three games at home and three away, with games traditionally taking place on Saturdays and Sundays only.


Alba Shield – Is an annual knockout baseball tournament held in the country of Albaland. The tournament has been held since 1907 and is the oldest baseball competition in the country. The tournament features teams from across Albaland from all levels of the Albaland baseball pyramid – including professional, semi-professional and amateur – competing in a single-elimination format until a champion is crowned.


A 3D version of the Baseball Meisterschaft logo.

Baseball Meisterschaft – Is a professional baseball league in Günsovölk. At the top of the Günsovölk baseball league system, the Baseball Meisterschaft is Günsovölk’s primary baseball competition. Teams have always played each other 6 times over two 3-game series (three games at home, three games away) during a season, which are played from Friday to Sunday between the months of April and November. The team that has won the most games during a season is declared the champion.


Güns-Kelch – is an annual baseball tournament held in the country of Günsovölk. Established in 1915, it has gained recognition as one of the most esteemed baseball competitions within the Southern Union. Notably, it holds the distinction of being the first tournament to introduce the practice of replaying match-ups. In the event of a tie after 9 innings, participating teams engage in a second game one week later to determine the outcome.


A 3D logo of the Houtmansland Topklasse Divisie logo.

Topklasse Divisie – Known locally as Topklasse, is a professional baseball league in Houtmansland. It is the highest level of baseball in Houtmansland and the only level that is played professionally. The team that has won the most games during a season is declared the Champion.


A 3D version of the I-League logo.

I-League – Officially known as Ianoian League, is a professional baseball league in Ianoia. At the top of the Ianoian baseball league system, I-League is Ianoia’s primary baseball competition.

Nationwide League 1 – The highest division of the Nationwide League (NL) and second-highest overall in the Ianoian baseball league system after the I-League. Formed in 1900 as the Nationwide Baseball Alliance, a secondary competition set-up for clubs who initially missed out on joining the I-League. In 1914, the league officially became the second tier of baseball in the country.


Social Cup – A long-running annual baseball tournament in the country of Ianoia that follows a single-game knockout format to determine the champion. It is also notable for being the first competition in the Southern Union to be open to both professional and amateur clubs.


A 3D version of the Super Ligan logo.

Super Ligan – A professional baseball league in Koana Islands. It is the highest level of the men’s Koanian baseball pyramid. The competition is the oldest professional baseball league in Southern Union baseball history, beginning play in 1895. Teams that finish at the bottom are relegated to Division Ett.

Division Ett – Formed in 1900, it is the second highest division within the Koanian baseball pyramid. Teams that finish near the top are promoted to the Super Ligan.

Nationella Basebolligan (Defunct) – Commonly known as the NBL, it was a league in Koana Islands during the early days of Koanian Baseball. Formed in 1896 and beginning play in 1897, the NBL was created by Niclas Nordin, owner of BK Embleton. It folded at the end of the 1899 season with teams joining the new Division Ett.