Alba Shield

The Alba Shield, known locally as The Shield, is an annual knockout baseball tournament held in the country of Albaland. The tournament has been held since 1907 and is the oldest baseball competition in the country. The tournament features teams from across Albaland from all levels of the Albaland baseball pyramid – including professional, semi-professional and amateur – competing in a single-elimination format until a champion is crowned.

The Alba Shield has a rich history and is deeply rooted in Albaland’s culture and tradition. The tournament is widely popular among baseball fans and attracts large crowds every year. All games take place on Wednesday nights with the exception of the Final which takes place on the last Sunday of the season. The Final is played at a neutral stadium and is accompanied by elaborate ceremonies and celebrations.

Over the years, the Alba Shield has produced many legendary players and iconic moments in Albaland’s baseball history. For example, when a team from a lower division or a non-league team beats a higher-ranked team, it is often considered a giant-killing or giant slaying. These upsets are usually unexpected and can generate a lot of excitement and media attention.

The tournament has also served as a platform for young and aspiring players to showcase their skills and earn recognition.

The Alba Shield is organized and overseen by the Albaland Baseball Association, which is responsible for setting the rules and regulations of the tournament. The Association also works to promote and develop baseball in Albaland and to provide opportunities for players at all levels to participate in the sport.


Hubert Alexander. Circa 1910.

Founded in 1907 by Hubert Alexander, owner of the Royal Arrina baseball club, the tournament was initially formed as a knockout tournament for amateur baseball clubs to compete against each other on the east coast. The tournament’s popularity and interest grew quickly, and it soon attracted teams from across the country who were keen to join the tournament before it had even begun. The early years of the Alba Shield were marked by fierce competition and close matches, with many of the country’s top baseball clubs vying for the title.

The first Alba Shield was won by Fossoway, who defeated Drumoak Import Export by a score of 1-nil after 10 innings of play, having won five prior fixtures by no more than 1-run, including a shock 1-0 victory over Rigside Nine in the Third Round.

In 1910, the Alba Shield officially joined the Albaland Baseball Association under the leadership of Chairman Tadd Steward. This move helped to raise the tournament’s profile and solidify its place as one of the country’s premier baseball competitions in conjunction with the Albaland Baseball League.

Tadd Steward played a crucial role in expanding the eligibility of teams and players in the tournament when in 1911 allowed amateur clubs to participate, arguing that preventing amateur clubs from competing made it difficult for smaller clubs and players to gain recognition and compete at the highest levels of the sport.

The decision to expand the eligibility of teams and players in the Alba Shield was not without controversy, however. Some critics argued that the tournament would lose its prestige and become diluted with lesser-quality teams and players. However, the move had a significant impact on the Alba Shield, as it helped to raise the tournament’s profile and attract more fans and supporters.

In the end, the decision to open up the eligibility of teams and players proved to be a wise one. The Alba Shield continued to grow in popularity, and it became a platform for the best baseball teams and players in the country to showcase their skills. The tournament has continued to expand in size although it evolved very little over the years, following the Durand Rules from it’s inception, making it the oldest competition in the Southern Union that has exclusively used the ruleset. It remains one of the most beloved and prestigious baseball competitions in Albaland despite continental tournaments generally being run on the same day.

Past Winners

Year Winner Score Runner-Up
1907 Fossoway 1-0 (10) Drumoak IE
1908 Townend 5-3 Blainslieonians
1909 Douglastown BC 7-5 Maryburgh Angels

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