BK Randia

A 3D version of the BK Randia logo.

Bollklub Randia, commonly known as BK Randia or just Randia, is a professional baseball club in Randia, Krasigatt, Koana Islands. They are the first team to be unelected at three Annual Owners Meetings having applied to join the Super Ligan in 1895, 1897 and 1898.

The club was unofficially founded in 1887 as an athletic club by students at Randia University but it wasn’t until 23 February 1894 that the club became official, when they started to play baseball against other teams in the community.

Following the success of the inaugural Super Ligan season in 1895, BK Randia attempted to join but received just 2 votes, with the small size of Randia cited as one of the major stumbling blocks for the club to gain entry. A year later in 1896, BK Randia was approached by the owner of Baseboll Klub av Embleton Niclas Nordin asking if they would be interested in joining the Nationella Basebolligan; a rival professional competition to the Super Ligan. BK Randia declined the proposal with Chairman Jan Johansson at the time being quoted as saying:

BK Randia wishes to participate in the premier ball competition; that of the Super Ligan. Joining a competition built on spite and hatred is no way to encourage fair treatment of its members.

Despite his best efforts, Johansson’s comments won little favour with the Super Ligan members, failing to win election to the competition in 1897 and 1898.

After three years of hiatus in their attempts to turn professional, BK Randia eventually gained acceptance to the Super Ligan – albeit in Division Ett – when they were successfully voted in for the 1903 baseball season at the expense of Västra Delen 95.

BK Randia plays their home games out of Mårtensvägenfält (Martin’s Way Park). The stadium is situated near Randia University to the west of the central business district. It is a Pitcher’s park through and through, with deep and high outfield walls. The shallow left field tempts right-handed pull hitters, but the strong winds and cooler temperatures inhibit the flight of the ball off the bat substantially.

The clubs nickname is Stjärnorna (The Stars) although the reason is not really known. Many people believe it to be named after the shape of the footpaths that crisscross in the centre of the university, however, some records suggest it came to be after the local newspaper called the team Stjärnorna av Randia (The Stars of Randia) following a 10-0 victory during a friendly game in 1894.

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