SG 1632 Schönheit

A 3D version of the SG 1632 Schönheit logo.

Sportgemeinschaft 1632 Schönheit (Sports Community 1632 Schönheit), often called 1632 Schönheit, is a professional baseball club in Schönheit, Oranje, Günsovölk. The club is one of 12 that formed the Baseball Meisterschaft.

The team came into existence when fishermen and nearby textile factory workers agreed to an exhibition game in 1893 to which fans were charged to watch. The game quickly sold out with many locals wishing to catch a glimpse of the game and it even made headlines in the small city; the players formed the club a few days later. The team was known as SG Schönheit until 1896 when they decided to distance themselves from SG Schouten which was located 100 kilometers west by adding the year Schönheit was founded.

Ship owner and fishmonger mogul Natan Barents invested heavily into the team when they entered the Baseball-Pokal in 1895 which included major works on the teams home ground, Falkenstraße Feld. The club found little success in the knockout tournament, never progressing past the Quarter-Finals.

The club was invited to vote on the ballot on introducing a 12-team league called the Baseball Meisterschaft following the demise of the Baseball-Pokal in 1897. They were one of two clubs who rejected the round-robin format, preferring the elimination-style tournaments, but were eventually persuaded on the advantages of regular games, prompting SG 1632 Schönheit to join the league, becoming a founding member in the process.

In 1910, SG 1632 Schönheit won their first title when they won the Baseball Meisterschaft, a feat they repeated in 1911 and 1912 to become the first team to win three straight league titles.

Overlooking the beautiful Deventer Island, Falkenstraße Feld is famed for its fantastic views of the bay situated on top of a slight hill in the south-west of the city. An extremely large outfield makes the ground a real pitcher-friendly park, but a reduction in home runs does see an increase in doubles and triples.

The team adopted the nickname Die Fischernen (The Fishermen) following a game in 1897 when the players warmed up before a game against VfB Andacht in borrowed fishing gear as a practical joke. They pay homage to that day with yellow uniforms to mimic the traditional yellow fisherman jackets seen today.

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