Rasensport Sorgenfrei

A 3D version of the Rasensport Sorgenfrei logo.

Based in the coastal city of Sorgenfrei, Rasensport Sorgenfrei (Lawn Sport Sorgenfrei) is a sports club with professional teams in both association football and baseball. They are founding members of the Baseball Meisterschaft.

Formed in 1893 by a group of friends who wanted to play soccer in the summer and baseball in the winter, the team grew in stature over the following years and joined the Günsovölk Baseball-Bund in 1895, finishing as runners-up in the Baseball-Pokal in their first year, an achievement they repeated again in 1897.

Their success on the field was evident by all member clubs of the GBB, who invited Rasensport Sorgenfrei to vote on the ballot on introducing a 12-team league called the Baseball Meisterschaft following the collapse of the Baseball-Pokal in 1897, to which the club voted in favor.

Rasensport Sorgenfrei won the inaugural Baseball Meisterschaft title in 1898, their first trophy, and then again the following year. When the Durand Rules were introduced in 1904, the club won the league for a fourth time; they also set a league record winning percentage of 0.767 in the 1908 baseball season.

Run by Stephan Mott who was elected into the role of club President in 1897, the team moved their baseball operations to Waltershof shortly after his appointment where they still remain to this day. A real pitcher’s park with 3 meter high walls in left field, the ground is known to be beneficial to speedy baserunners. It is best known for its unique architectural element—a hotel positioned above the stands in left field. This distinctive design allows guests of the hotel to enjoy a direct view of the baseball action from their rooms.

Rasensport Sorgenfrei’s nickname is Die Wildkatzen (The Wildcats), but the history of how the name stuck is not really known. They play in green and white.

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