Viktoria Grosstadt SV

A 3D version of the Viktoria Grosstadt logo.

Viktoria Grosstadt Sportvereine, more commonly known as Viktoria Grosstadt SV, is a group of sports clubs based in the city of Grosstadt, Nassau, Günsovölk. It was one of 12 member clubs to found the Baseball Meisterschaft.

Formed in 1893 for polo, golf, association football and baseball, Viktoria Grosstadt was the brainchild of Fabian Lootens, a local farmer who wanted to share his passion for sport with other like-minded individuals. Despite only association football and baseball turning professional (in 1904 and 1898 respectively), Viktoria Grosstadt remains the only sports club in the country to still have polo and golf clubs.

Fabian Lootens named the club after the Roman Goddess of victory and is believed to be the inspiration behind the naming of other professional baseball team, Fortuna Juemen (Roman Goddess of Fate).

Viktoria Grosstadt joined the Günsovölk Baseball-Bund in 1894 and participated in the Baseball-Pokal, reaching the semi-finals in 1896, before losing to eventual winners Ducibus BV.

With the collapse of the Baseball-Pokal in 1897, Viktoria Grosstadt was one of 10 clubs to vote in favor of establishing the Baseball Meisterschaft which began play the following year.

The club is famous for having their own version of the Green Monster, with an 11 meter high wall in left field at their home ground, Stöfen Park. Located in the heart of the city, the stadium’s strategic position near the bustling elevated highway of Highway 5 makes the ballpark viewable from most parts of the city. As fans approach the stadium, they are greeted by the sight of towering concrete pillars supporting the highway above, creating an architectural spectacle.

The club plays in blue and white with gold as a tertiary.

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