BK Humoor 1893

A 3D version of the BK Humoor 1893 logo.

Baseboll Klub av Humoor 1893, or more commonly known as BK Humoor 1893, or just BK Humoor, is a team situated in the Humoor, Wilkes, Koana Islands. They joined the Super Ligan in 1898 when it expanded to 12 teams.

Situated in the suburb of Fora, 6 kilometers west of the city-center, the club was formed by a group of friends who all worked in the famous Bjurum shopping district as a way to unwind after work in 1893. Led by their passionate founders and friends, Anders Eriksson, Johan Andersson, Henrik Nilsson, and Gustav Svensson, they met at Södergatan 12, in Fora on the 16th of February 1891 and founded the club Bjurum Baseballklubb.

They rented a small field located at Sveavägen 34, Fora, where they practiced and played their early games. As the club gained popularity, they moved to a larger field called Nykvarns Park, which could accommodate a growing number of spectators. Over time, Bjurum Baseballklubb became a beloved local institution, attracting players and supporters from all over the city, prompting the friends to rename the club BK Humoor 1893.

In 1895, BK Humoor started competing in the Humoor Baseboll Ligan against rivals Hamnområde BK, finishing as runners-up to the Måsar in 1896. The 1897 season, however, became the first major highlight of BK Humoor’s history as they achieved an extraordinary feat by winning the league title without a single loss throughout the entire season. The victory was a testament to the outstanding performance of players like Jens Nielsen, Johan Persson, and Karl Gustavsson, who displayed exceptional skills and teamwork on the field.

When the Super Ligan expanded from 10 to 12 teams in 1898, BK Humoor 1893 was invited to join the league, re-igniting their rivalry with Hamnområde BK who joined the Super Ligan the year before.

Nicknamed Röda Hökar (Red Hawks) due to name of the street Bjurum shops is on (Hökgatan, or Hawk Street), play out Nykvarns Park, which is located on the scenic banks of the Stoby River. The right field of the park is in close proximity to the river, necessitating a shallower outfield in that area to maintain a safe distance between the outfield wall and the riverbank.

Offering an expansive outfield, the stadium presents a challenging environment for batters seeking to hit home runs, making swift baserunning a crucial aspect of the game.

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