1. Trappen

A 3D version of the 1. Trappen logo.

1. Trappen Leichtathletik und Ballspiele (First Trappen Athletics and Ball Games Club), simply known as 1. Trappen is a professional baseball club based in Trappen, Nassau, Günsovölk. They officially became a professional team in 1903, shortly before they were formally invited to join the Baseball Meisterschaft for the 1904 baseball season.

Formed as a social athletics club for locals to keep fit in 1884, the club hastily changed their name in 1886 to include a ‘1.’ in the front to denote they were the first such club to be formed in the city after several rival clubs started forming soon after. By 1895, 1. Trappen started playing baseball and association football exhibition games, unsuccessfully attempting to join the Baseball-Pokal in 1895 and 1896.

Upon gaining entry to the Nassau-Pokal in 1898 after Gelb Kekerdom TuS left the competition to turn professional, Trappen won the championship in their inaugural year, repeating the feat again in 1900 and 1901. When Baseball Meisterschaft intended to expand the competition from 12 to 16 clubs, 1. Trappen applied and successfully gained entry to officially become the 14th team to turn professional in the country.

The club is known locally as Falken (The Hawks) as a nod to the logo that originates from when the club was first established but people outside of the town would simply refer to the team as Trappen.

The home ballpark of 1. Trappen is Trappen Stadion that has a capacity of 29,346. A deep outfield wall sees a reduction in home runs whilst batting averages suffer from a centre field tracking back 410-feet; Doubles and Triples have a slightly higher rate than elsewhere as a result, but the ballpark is still very much a Pitchers paradise. The stadium is in the north of the city, situated in a residential area near a park where the club was formed.

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