Tapfer Concordia BV

A 3D version of the Tapfer Concordia logo.

Tapfer Concordia Baseball Verein is a professional baseball club based in Tapfer, Dijkstra, Günsovölk. The 13th club in the country to turn professional, Tapfer Concordia joined the Baseball Meisterschaft in 1904.

The club was formed in 1896 as Concordia Baseball Verein (Concordia being the ancient Roman goddess of harmony or peace) for workers and their families of the many copper mine companies in the area. They played friendly games within the booming mining-city at local fields and school grounds before joining the Tapfer-Meisterschaft in 1899 with little success. In 1902 the team was encouraged to turn professional by mining magnate Matthäus Puttkamer whose company sponsored the team in an effort to join the Baseball Meisterschaft. In late 1903, the team was successfully voted into the competition, turning professional on 1st January 1904.

With a vote to turn professional upcoming, Puttkamer knew a permanent home ground would increase his chances of the team being elected so purchased a chunk of disused land on the north-eastern tip of the Tapfer peninsula overlooking Lebus Lake called Dorf Grün. The 33,698-seater stadium sees a reduction in home runs based on league averages due to the large, fairly even, outfield. Pitcher’s have the upper-hand thanks to the wind blowing in from left of centre turning many certain dingers into triples, prompting the requirement of quick baserunners.

Tapfer Concordia is sometimes known as Die Putter (The Putters) because of their former owner Matthäus Puttkamer, but you will more than likely see the team referred to as Die Knappen (The Miners) due to their connection to the copper industry. They play in an all-white uniform, with an all-black alternate.

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