Gelb Kekerdom TuS

A 3D version of the Gelb Kekerdom TuS logo.

Gelb Kekerdom Turn-und Sport (Yellow Kekerdom Gymnastic and Sport in English), or known simply as Gelb Kekerdom, is a sports club based in Kekerdom, Nassau, Günsovölk. They were one of the 12 founding members of the Baseball Meisterschaft.

The club was created in 1883 as a place for children to play ball sports and learn gymnastics, but baseball wasn’t added to the clubs list of activities until 1894 due to popular demand, joining the Günsovölk Baseball-Bund not long after.

In 1895, the club entered the Baseball-Pokal, but didn’t achieve any notable success until 1897, when it reached the semi-finals, losing to eventual winners Hafenstadt BV by a score of 9-to-6.

Gelb Kekerdom wasn’t considered a strong enough club during early discussions of forming a Baseball Meisterschaft in 1897, initially missing out on a vote to Thijssen Juist who voted against the change and refused to take part in the round-robin competition. Needing a replacement club, Gelb Kekerdom was offered the place at the 11th hour following their loss to Hafenstadt BV just a few days prior to which the club accepted.

In 1903, Gelb Kekerdom won it’s first trophy following the 1903 baseball season where they finished first with a 47-19 record, becoming the last team to win the Baseball Meisterschaft before the introduction of the Durand Rules.

The nickname of Gelb Kekerdom is Die Gelb Falken (The Yellow Hawks), which are native to the area, but didn’t officially adopt the name until the the baseball team started participating in the Baseball-Pokal, with club owner Henning Dijkstra keen to grow his sports clubs membership throughout the city.

Due to Dijkstra’s vast wealth, the club purchased land of local farmers to the east of the city and named it Kekerdom Baseballstadion for exclusive use by the Gelb Kekderdom baseball team. The stadium has since been surround by suburban homes but the rather short outfield walls make this a great place for long-balls over the fence.

A unique feature of the ballpark is its lush rooftop garden that offers spectators a tranquil and serene green space to unwind and soak in the picturesque views of the city skyline during breaks between innings. Situated atop the main grandstand, the garden creates a harmonious oasis with carefully landscaped greenery, vibrant flowers, and seating areas scattered throughout, it provides a refreshing retreat for fans seeking a moment of respite. The garden’s elevated position grants visitors panoramic vistas of the city.

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