Uelzenia Hüll

A 3D version of the Uelzenia Hull logo.

Uelzenia Hüll Baseball Verein, frequently known as Uelzenia Hüll BV, or just Uelzenia Hüll, is a professional baseball club based in Hüll, Hartelijk, Günsovölk. They are recognized as the 15th team to turn professional in Günsovölk when they joined the Baseball Mesiterschaft for the 1904 baseball season.

The club was established in 1898 as Hüll Havelstrand, and were founder members of the Hüll Baseball-Liga in the same year. They played in the league’s first match, hosting now-defunct club Dorfkirche, on 2nd April; the visitors won 8–5 with several hundred in attendance. However, that was to be the only defeat all season in the league and club went on to win the inaugural league title. At the end of the season they adopted their current name in reference to Uelzen Lake to the northwest of the city where the cities founders anchored off-shore. Uelzenia Hüll was a unanimous vote to join the Baseball Meisterschaft when the league expanded from 12 to 16 teams for the 1904 season.

Uelzenia Hüll’s home ground is Alter Frankhof, a 35,539-seater stadium situated in the heart of the city on the waterfront of the Uelzen Lake. A canal runs along the left field foul pole cutting the otherwise enormous outfield short in that part of the ballpark. A huge 444-foot outfield in centre field heavily reduces home runs but doubles and triples see a large increase making it rather balanced between pitchers and hitters.

The club’s nickname is Klippere (Clippers) and they play in blue, yellow and white.

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