BSG Geldstadt

A 3D version of the BSG Geldstadt logo.

Ballsportgemeinschaft Geldstadt (Ball Sports Community Geldstadt), more commonly known as BSG Geldstadt, is a professional baseball club based in Geldstadt, Hügel, Günsovölk. After successfully applying to join the Baseball Meistershaft in 1903, they became the 16th club to turn professional within the country.

Founded in 1897, BSG Geldstadt was formed as a way to keep children occupied during the winter months, but by 1900 adults were registered with the club and playing both baseball and association football. The clubs first and only success prior to becoming professional was in 1902 when Geldstadt won the Hügel Allianz, a knockout tournament for teams within the state of Hügel, by beating Risby-Hakon on the 16th of August by a score of 11-3.

A bizarre playing field cut short in left field by an old textile warehouse, Nordheide Feld sees an enormous increase in home runs, especially from right-handed pull hitters. Triples are borderline underheard of due to the lack of a noticeable gap in left-centre, whilst right field normal measurements are offset slightly by the outfield wall climbing from 9 to 12 feet at the 352-foot marker. In 1967, BSG Geldstadt purchased the warehouse with plans to demolish it and change the dimensions of the field, yet a concerted effort by the fans prevented the plan and the stadium now shares similarities to the ballpark found in San Diego, United States.

BSG Geldstadt are known as the Dülmener, the name of a German breed of small feral horse. A herd were transported to the area in 1823 and left to roam in the nearby mountains with many domesticated by farmers to this day. The club plays in white and blue.

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