Eikenheuvel HC

A 3D version of the Eikenheuvel HC logo.

Eikenheuvel Honkbalclub is a professional baseball team based in Eikenheuvel, Houtmansland. They are officially recognized as the second club to turn professional upon joining the Houtmansland Topklasse Divisie having participated as amateurs in the Houtman Serie for 4 seasons prior to 1902.

Formed in 1897 from the ashes of Eik Gemeenschappelijke Gymnastiekclub that disbanded due to poor numbers, Eikenheuvel HC entered the Houtman Serie the same year, finishing as runners-up to cross-town outfit Het Punt Balclub. The following year, the two clubs agreed to form a partnership and went on to win a second championship under the name of Eik-Punt Honkbalclub before a second name change to what it uses today for the 1900 Houtman Serie saw the team eliminated in the first round to Ga Vooruit En Win (GVEW) from Koedijk’s tailoring district.

With the 1900 season being a massive failure for the clubs reputation locally, partly due to players leaving to play professionally overseas, Eikenheuvel HC approached SHC Koedijk – the second biggest club based on members behind Eikenheuvel – in May of the same year to see if they were interested in forming a professional league. They formed the Houtmansland Professionele Honkbalvereniging (the HPHV) and began play in the Topklasse Divisie the following year. GVEW requested to join but was declined.

Weidestadion is the home ground of Eikenheuvel HC, situated south of downtown in a residential area called Kattenkanaal. The 30,000 seater is a batters paradise with low walls in Left Field and deep Triple-alleys in Centre Field. A shallow foul pole in Right Field gives Lefties a good boost in their Home Run numbers.

The official nickname for Eikenheuvel is ‘Uilen‘ which translates to “Owls” in English; named after an Owl that used to sit in the massive Oak tree in the Town Square in the late 1880s.

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