Bos Aan Zee

A 3D version of the Bos Aan Zee logo.

Bos Aan Zee Zaadstukken Honkbalclub (Forest By The Sea Zaadstukken Baseball Club), known simply as Bos Aan Zee (Forest By The Sea) or BAZ, are a professional baseball team based in Zaadstukken, Houtmansland. Formed in 1899, Bos Aan Zee was started by a group of workers at the Zaadstukken Houtzagerij (Sawmill) by the main port in which the cities primary export was logs that had been cut down in the surrounding mountainous area of the city and transport by river into a log pond for processing.

Bos Aan Zee was hugely successful in the first three years of their existence, never losing a game in the Zaadstukken Kampioenschap in which they played other local teams in a yearly knockout tournament. With the creation of the Topklasse Divisie in 1902, Bos Aan Zee was invited to join the competition and the team turned professional the same year. It wasn’t until 1905 however, that the first player who didn’t work at the Lumber Mill joined the team; Pitcher Torben Stoffels.

With the wind blowing across the field from right to left, Noordstraat is a hitter’s park that benefits right-handed pull hitters significantly and sees an increase in home runs over average as a result. The stadium is situated in Timmerhoutbaai (Lumber Bay) a trendy harbour full of tourist-trap bars and restaurants where the original log pond once was.

Locals affectionately call the team by it’s nickname ‘Pijnbomen‘, Dutch for “Pine Trees”, and you will be outed as a tourist and mockingly ridiculed if you call the club “Bos Aan Zee” during a conversation.

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