Blau-Weiss Ruigoord

A 3D version of the Blau-Weiss Ruigoord logo.

Blau-Weiss Ruigoord, also referred to as Blau-Weiss or simply Ruigoord, is a professional baseball team hailing from the vibrant northern port city of Ruigoord, Oberste, Günsovölk. They are one of the founding member clubs of the Baseball Meisterschaft that began play in 1898.

The club’s origins can be traced back to 1892 when a group of industrious workers at the country’s largest port developed a keen interest in the game of baseball. Inspired by the international prominence of the Cincinnati Reds in the National League, the Ruigoord enthusiasts adopted the prefix Blau-Weiss, signifying their dedication to emulating the success of their American counterparts.

After establishing their presence in the local baseball landscape, Blau-Weiss Ruigoord joined the Gauliga Oberste in 1893, winning the title in 1894, 1895 and 1897. Their impressive performance and unwavering commitment to the sport propelled them to the forefront of Günsovölk baseball. In 1897, the club received a coveted invitation to become the twelfth member of the Günsovölk Baseball-Bund, cementing their place among the league’s elite. This milestone was made possible through the generous investments of prominent importer/exporter mogul Paul van Doorn, who recognized the untapped potential of the club.

Blau-Weiss Ruigoord won it’s first nationally recognized trophy in 1905, winning the Baseball Meisterschaft having finished as runners-up in both 1900 and 1902.

Distinguished by their evocative nickname, “Die Bootsleute” or “The Boatmen,” Blau-Weiss Ruigoord play their home games at the Rippoldsauer Straße ballpark. Situated a mere few blocks south of the bustling arrival port for international ships, the stadium offers a picturesque setting for baseball enthusiasts. Rippoldsauer Straße is renowned as a formidable pitchers’ park, with its dimensions favoring lower-than-expected home run rates while fostering an environment conducive to high doubles and triples rates.

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