Sandford Stad BF

Sandford Stad Basebollförening (Sandford Stad Baseball Association in English), more commonly known as Sandford Stad BF, is a professional baseball team in Sandford Stad, Eveleigh, Koana Islands. Formerly owned by Petri Ljungberg, a Bulldog breeder and shopkeeper, the club was a merger between the Bulldogs Baseboll Klub and Sandford Stad Baseboll Klub, two teams who shared the same field, Parkgatan, in the outskirts of the city.

Ljungberg founded the Bulldogs Baseboll Klub after attending Albert Spalding’s exhibition game in Omfattandestad in 1889. Initially formed for Ljungberg and his fellow shopkeepers, the Bulldogs quickly gained popularity among the locals of Sandford Stad for their regular exhibition games. Shortly after, a rival team named Sandford Stad Baseboll Klub was established by Pelle Samuelsson, who owned the field at Parkgatan where the Bulldogs played.

As a prominent textile mogul in the city, Samuelsson observed the Bulldogs’ profitable games against other regional teams and approached Ljungberg with an offer to purchase Bulldogs BK, however, Ljungberg declined the offer. Following Pelle Samuelsson’s passing in 1893, it left the Bulldogs BK’s future at Parkgatan uncertain.

In a strategic move, Petri Ljungberg, owner of the Bulldogs BK, offered to buy the players of Sandford Stad BK from Samuelsson’s wife, who agreed but retained ownership of the park. Ljungberg subsequently renamed his team Sandford Stad BF. In the aftermath, he applied for admission to the Super Ligan after its inaugural season but faced rejection. However, Sandford Stad BF eventually gained acceptance into the league the following year.

After two years in the Super Ligan, Sandford Stad BF was voted out of the league by their peers, joining the Nationella Basebolligan in 1899. The merger of the two leagues for the 1900 baseball season meant Sandford Stad BF began life in the 20th century in Division Ett, the second tier of professional baseball in the country. Sandford Stad BF won the Super Ligan in 1910 for the first time, winning their first trophy in 1903, when they clinched the Division Ett title, earning promotion to the top flight.

It wasn’t until 1905 when the Sandford Stad BF officially bought Parkgatan, a fairly average ballpark situated in the northern suburbs of Sandford Stad. The fence sits around 11 feet high with right handed batters benefitting from a slightly shorter left field. The stadium also hosts an annual film festival during summer, showcasing classic movies, documentaries, and footage of historic baseball games. Film enthusiasts and baseball fans flock to the stadium to enjoy these cinematic celebrations of the sport’s cultural impact and it has become a popular tourism event for the city.

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