Racing Welford

A 3D version of the Racing Welford logo.

Racing Welford is a professional baseball club based in Welford, Marpleshire, Ianoia. They joined the I-League in November 1905 along with Sporting Cuckney after the competition voted to expand to 12 teams for the 1906 season.

Founded on 23rd of June 1897 at a meeting at the George Hotel, Welford, where the idea of forming an athletics association had first been raised for the organisation of athletics events. Two years later, in October 1899, a committee was formed by Racing Welford to discuss the idea of running a baseball team concurrently after the explosive success of the sport in the country and dwindling membership numbers of men. The following year, Racing Welford entered the Marpleshire Baseball Alliance where they had limited success until 1904 when they won their first major trophy by winning the competition. The club successfully gained entry into the I-League for the 1906 season, turning professional in January and dropping athletics altogether just a few days prior to the start of the season in March.

Known as The Hurdlers, the team plays on the site of the first athletics track in the city, now known as Welford Ballpark. Called The Athletics Field until 1919, the team bought the rights to the stadium, removing the athletics track around the playing area and built stands closer to the field to better encompass the playing area.

A deep centre field and weird boxy right field reduces the batting averages of left-handed batters, with 9-foot high walls in left field going up by a foot in centre field gives this park a slight advantageous lean towards the Pitchers.

Racing Welford plays in gold and black with white as a tertiary.

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